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Why I started Hello Treehouse Goods

3 years ago, wait...3 years?!?!

Okay, 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter I was looking for hangers for her closet.  I wanted something that was cute and baby-ish and was having a really hard time finding anything.  The only options I could find were plastic and/or vintage.  I actually had some of the vintage ones already because my mom saved them from when she had my sisters and I.  

I love the little scenes and how detailed they are, but this wasn't a realistic option to stock her closet as they are hard(ish) to find, at least in quantity.  

I've always been one to solve a problem with the answer of:  I'll just make it myself.  A lot of times that answer doesn't work out.  This time it did!

Vintage baby/kid hangers

I was inspired by the cut-out style of the vintage hangers but knew I didn't want plastic. I also wanted them to be sustainable, earth friendly, green, whatever you want to call it... something that wouldn't be taking from the earth, then leaving it behind in landfills for 100's of years.

Then came the idea for a paperboard hanger with a small, more modern, cut out.  Through lots of drawings, prototypes, research, phone calls, and emails the final product was born. 

I'm so pleased with the result, and to provide the children's retail market with a sustainable option for hanging kids clothes.  This product is designed for retail stores as well as at home closets.

Star hanger, Hello Treehouse Goods

Y'all these hangers are compostable!  Yes, compostable!  Made from 100% recycled paperboard, 100% recyclable, sourced and made in the USA!  

Flannel, Heart hanger

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